Every day, Ukrainians suffer from the Russian invasion. As a result of shelling and explosions, people sustain injuries, facial burns, and scars.

Many believe that cosmetic surgery is not necessary now; some lack the money, and others fear distorting their appearance even more. That’s why, in 2022, Yevheniia Izmaylova established the charitable initiative “Save Beauty”, aimed at helping people who have lost their beauty during the war.

The founder of the charitable initiative had her own experience of facial trauma. She went through a hard way and pain to overcome this problem. That’s when the idea of creating a project was born.




Every day, thousands of Ukrainians fall victim to russian aggression. Hundreds of them receive facial trauma which may have lifelong consequences.

“My face isn’t important right now”, “Only the rich can afford plastic surgeries”,
“What if they make it worse than it already is”, “These are just scars, some people lose their limbs in this war” - thoughts like these are torturing the wounded day and night.

Our mission is to end this injustice and support them on the journey back to their physical attractiveness and confidence. One of our main drivers is personal expertise.

Євгенія Ізмайлова


When Yevheniia Izmaylova, the project founder, was 17 years old, she received third degree burns to her cheek. Her freshman year at university was overshadowed by this life-change incident. Work, studies, social-life - everything faded into the background.

For more than 10 years of her life, Yevheniia hid her face, mourning the looks she thought could never be brought back. Feeling insecure, at first, she couldn’t believe plastic surgery was even possible.



She spent a lot of time searching for professionals who could help restore her face. The reconstruction took 7 years and was accomplished through over 7 surgeries.

7 years of struggling and attempting to accept the new you. 7 years of help and support from the dearest people around her. Thanks to them she got this opportunity to build a successful career, start a family and find confidence in herself.

Now Yevheniia wants to become this pillar of hope for others. This is why she has decided to use her experience, expertise and connections to help those in need.


Whom we
are helping

Ukrainian men and women whose faces got injured as a result of war operations after February 24th, 2022 and need facial reconstruction surgery.


  • Fill out the form on our website.
  • “Save Beauty” partners with experienced doctors to work on your case.
  • We cover all the costs of consultations and surgeries and help with relocation, if needed.
  • After the reconstruction together with doctors and psychologists, we keep supporting you through your rehabilitation.


Turn your loud-speakers on, play “Bez Boyu” by Okean Elzy and sing “I won’t give up without fighting”. Then take a deep breath and fill out the form.

Save Beauty
Project Team

The founder of the charitable initiative is Yevheniia Izmaylova, who has been working in the field of management and sales for 13 years and she knows from experience about the peculiarities of facial recovery after injury.

Medical coordinator of the project is Yevhen Shagov, an experienced expert in aesthetic medicine, preventive medicine and Age Management, founder of the AM SYSTEM clinic.

Yevheniia Izmaylova was also supported by other specialists: media coach and PR expert Pavlo Inov, who has more than 15 years of experience collaborating with the largest television channels and successful media personalities. Lesia Matveieva, a practicing psychologist working in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, with membership in the National Psychological Association. Liubov Ruban, who manages team and initiative-related issues. Yaroslava Kibysh provides legal support. Kateryna Savchenko, SMM manager and journalist, gathers the experience of doctors and heroes in inspiring stories.

War leaves a painful mark on faces. It’s not just tears but also scars. But thanks to “Save Beauty” charitable initiative, they can be gotten rid of. “Save Beauty” restores self-confidence, hope for a bright future and faith in our victory! We have managed to restore aesthetics to dozens of victims, and we do not stop to prevent the scars of war from imprinting on the faces of Ukrainians!

Yevheniia Izmaylova
Founder and the soul of “Save Beauty”. She knows from experience how to go through the journey of restoration and bring back one’s confidence. She will be your guide and lead the way.
Yevhen Shagov
Medical coordinator of "Save beauty". Expert in the field of aesthetic medicine, BioTech and Age Management with a wide range of professional contacts. Co-founder of the largest European platform for helping doctors and patients in case of complications that arise during aesthetic correction of appearance.
Pavlo Inov
Project's cofounder and chief media manager. PR-expert with 15 years of experience working for the biggest Ukrainian TV channels.
Lesya Matveeva
Practical psychologist, psychoanalytically oriented non-medical psychotherapist and consultant, member of the National Psychological Association
Liubov Ruban
Project manager. Sets up the workflow of the team, solves organizational issues in the project.
Kateryna Savchenko
Journalist and SMM manager. Transforms the experience of experts and heroes into stories you want to share.
Yaroslava Kibysh
Legal associate. Provides legal support to the project.



What is “Save Beauty”
charitable initiative?
“Save Beauty” charitable initiative is a project founded by Yevheniia Izmaylova. Its goal is to provide free assistance to military personnel and civilians whose faces have been affected by military actions and require plastic reconstruction after shrapnel injuries, explosive trauma, and burns. The initiative was created in 2022 and engages the best plastic surgeons, psychologists, and other experts, offering full support to each patient.
How to use this opportunity?
To take advantage of the opportunity to restore appearance after the consequences of war, you need to fill out the form on “Save Beauty” project website. We provide free assistance to those in need of plastic surgery and facial reconstruction. We engage partner-physicians in the necessary specialties and cover expenses for consultations, surgeries, psychological support, and rehabilitation activities. We also assist with relocation.
How long does it take to receive a response after filling out the form?
After filling out the form on Save Beauty website, managers review the application and contact the sender. Doctors in the relevant specialties are involved in the process based on the indicated problem. A psychologist supports patients during and after the operation, and coordinators are available for any organizational questions.
How to join the charitable initiative?
Anyone who feels the strength and desire to help can join the charitable initiative “Save Beauty”. Our team already includes physicians, psychologists, and individuals eager to contribute to organizational matters or who know people in need of help and can contact with them. Please contact us if you want to become a partner of “Save Beauty” and have ideas for collaboration.

Charitable initiative for everyone

In 2022, with the support of media personality Pavlo Inov and medical coordinator Yevhen Shagov, owner of the AM System clinic, Yevheniia Izmaylova founded “Save Beauty” charitable initiative.

The goal is to provide free assistance to military and civilians whose faces require reconstruction after injuries from shrapnel, burns, and other traumas caused by military actions.

The mission of the initiative is to dispel the fears and prejudices of the victims and support them on the challenging path of restoring their appearance.

Maxillofacial and plastic surgeons with years of experience have joined the project, including Tamerlan Kadiiev, “Nove Tilo” clinic, and Oleh Kompaniiets, “Grace” clinic.

Collaborating with “Save Beauty” charitable initiative, they offer an individual approach to patients, treating everyone with respect, attention and care. Additionally, those seeking help receive reliable support from an experienced psychologist during the preparation for the operation and throughout the entire rehabilitation period.

In 2023, Yevheniia Izmaylova gained the support of Rostyslav Valikhnovski, the owner of “Valikhnovski MD” medical center, who also became a participant in the initiative. The best specialists want to work in the project, which was founded by Yevheniia Izmaylova. This fact motivates us to work even harder and help as many victims as possible.

The country recovers even during the war. Liberated cities and villages are coming back to life after explosions and occupation. Many homes, streets, and roads have been rebuilt, but people are the greatest asset of the country. Yevheniia Izmaylova wants them to recover too, not just after the war but right now.

How the charitable initiative “Save Beauty” works?

We are ready to provide free assistance to Ukrainian men and women whose faces have been affected during the war.

The procedure is very simple: you submit an application on the website. Then, we engage partners with necessary specialties, covering expenses for consultations with doctors, plastic surgery, psychological support, and rehabilitation. If needed, we also provide assistance with relocation and temporary housing.